Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am who i am! So don't say anything! Fucks.

Stop talking about things that are not true! Stop talking about shit! Stop talking about anything!
Want me to fight so badly isit?! Problems is not solve yet! All fucking thing that havent happen,dont say anything about it! Want me to break your faces isit?! if want,just tell me..i'm waiting,my fucking fist is waiting for it! Stop involving others in my life,when im angry or whatever it is..dont ever involve others.i fucking dislike it! Please fucking stop it!
If i hear it again,i wont back off...i will fucking keep forward till i get to break your face! mark my fucking words!

I know you don't like me to do stupid things..i know but but but sometimes i have to do it in order to solve everything..maybe i need to tell you someday..
Thursday,i drove...before that i told dears that i will chase dears car..know what? i the first,i was at the back of dears car..then next to dears car..what i can see is,dear's smile..i like that smile..can i see that kind of smile always? Can i? Will you do it for me dears? I really wanna see that smile..miss ya dear! love ya dear!
drink water a dear,if you dont drink you wait and see..see what i will do...hehe!
Love ya dears!

Here's something,

Like driving on a sunday,
Your like taking off on monday,
Your like a dream,a dream come true
I,was just a face you never notice,
Now,i'm just trying to be honest,
with myself,with you,with the world

You might think that i'm a fool for,
Fallin' over you,
So tell me what i can do to prove to you,
That is not so hard to do,
Give love a try,
One more time,

I want you to know that i'm on your side,
Give love a try..

Love Ya Dears!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I wanna know everything about you!

I wanna know everything about you so that i can understand you,know what you're up to..because i know there's so many things about you that i don't know..will you give me a chance to know everything about you? Well,i only know about you around 70%..i need that 30% more tou know everything about you..why i wanna know about you? because if someday we're together,at least you feel comfortable when i'm with you..true or not? right now,do you feel comfortable with me? do you feel happy? or you feel uncomfortable? unhappy? if you feel uncomfortable,unhappy..tell me,what should i do? in order to make you feel comfortable and happy..i cant afford to see you unhappy,uncomfortable with me..i want you to feel happy when you're with me..tell me,what should i do? when i hugged you? when i kissed you? do you feel? although im not having a relationship with you..if i do steal your heart,tell me how to keep it? how to not break it?..if others dont appreciate you,well let me tell you..i appreciate you! i need you! sometimes i do hurt your feelings,sometimes i do make you unhappy but i dont really mean it..i just want to cherish all the moments we had..maybe your answer is yes,maybe your answer is no..but at least i cherish all the moments we had..i know right now you're having a problem.what problem is it? its about your past..why cant you forget about it?..just because he deleted you in his friend list..but you dont care about it..its a waste of me,its a waste of time..the best way to solve this problem is to start a new life and have a new relationship..i know you dont want to have a new relationship..either you still cant let go of the past or you're not ready..i know there must be an just dont wanna tell me..i cant force you,am i right? i dont care what others wanna say,i dont give a damn at all..i have feelings on you,i admit it..but others are jealous because you're with me 24/7..if not satisfied just come and tell me..simple as that..why is it so hard to tell me that others are not satisfied..come and tell me,we'll solve the problem..right now,let's forget about everything..just let me understand you,know you more..agree or not dears?

Here's something,

Tonight i'm feeling fine,
I'm alone just wasting time,
No friday night movies and no candlelight dinner,

I'm just having conversations,
With the thoughts in my head,
All i hear are angels crying,
Wont they just sing instead,

It would be wrong for me to say,

I dont need that girl by my side,
I dont need that girl in my life,
I dont wanna talk it out,
Or hold her when she cries,

I want to say that she's my kind,
I want to say that she's mine,
I want to tell her,
That i love her more than life,
i love her more than life,

I just need you in my life,
I just wanna tell you that i love you,

missed you!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

If wanna fight just say!

Wanna fight is it? not satisfied is it? feel like breaking my face is it? feel like killing me is it? Bring it on! i ain't afraid of you..just gimme time,place,date..i'll be there for think i'm just a weak and small kid is it? is it? well,you've gotta see what i'm really capable of..dont just give words,say wanna break my face,break my bone..i'm waiting,desperate for it..need it badly...please break my face and my bone as well...come come come..i'm waiting,i wanna see how good you are at this..i wanna learn from you..i'm so weak,i dont even know how to punch a person..i'm really weak..seriously weak..please help me, well,i dont need any BULLSHIT! if wanna see me,come over to my place or you want me to go your place?..which one?! if i see you anywhere,i'm not gonna let you go..i'm gonna teach you a lesson..a lesson that you wont forget till the day you think you're a darn big ass is it?'re kinda and that makes me feel afraid..mama,please help me! im so scared! Just Fuck Off! wanna fight just say!

About dears,
Dears,i know you dont like me to fight..but sometimes i have to fight..i know you dont understand why i like to fight..i fight for some reason..i'm stress thats why i fight,all the time i just talk about fight,i know you're sick with it..i know you cant adapt with my kind of cant accept me because i like to fight..but but but...nevermind..forget about it,haha!


The love i found in you,

You are the air i need to breathe,
The river of life inside of me,
You are the half that made me whole,
You are the anchor of my soul,

You're strong when i'm weak,
You're the words when i cant speak,
You never fail to see me through,
That's the love i found in you,

You are my shelter from the storm,
You are the road that leads me home,
Here with you face to face,
I know i've found my place,

Once in every life,
You find the one that's right,
When you say it's true,
That's the love i found in you,

iloveyou Babes!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stressed Out!

Why am i stressed out? i have no idea about it at all..just feel a little bit stress,but about what??? what is it?..let's forget about it,
I'm gonna start with something else..
For the past few days,me n dears have been talking about feelings..dears told me that she dont want to have any relationship with anyone..why dears?..haha!..why dont you give each other a chance?..i know you're not intrested in having a relationship thing but at least give us a chance to be together..dont care about others..dont give a damn about what people not trying to force you.i just want you to offence dears.lately,my mind keep thinking about dears..miss dears alot! it is not a waste of time waiting for dears,it is not...i know there will be an outcome,i just need to be patient..that's all..i like dear's smile and laughter,why? because i like it alot,its very less chance to see you smile and laugh..that's why i like it..dears dont feel weird anymore,no need to feel weird..okay dears?..well,i've nothing much to write anymore..

Here's something,

With all my heart i love you,baby
Stay with me and you will see
My arms will hold you,baby
Never leave',cause i believe

I'm in love,sweet love
Hear me calling out your name,i feel no shame
Don't you ever go away,it'll always be this way
There's no stronger love in this world
Oh baby no,you're my girl,i'm your man
I'll never go,wait and see,can't be wrong,
Dont you know this is where you belong,

My sweetest dream and lovely baby,
Stay right here,never fear
I will be all that you need,

Hun,Drink alot of water weather tu,dun notti a hun..if not i bite you,like a vampire bite its prey..wan anot hun?
Loveyou Hun!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


How do i feel right now?..
In love?
Which one? well,i'm happy,in love and worried..but about who? with who?..
With dears,im happy when im with dears,im worried about dears,im in love with dears..
Lately,i feel very weird..about what? about feelings,my feelings towards dears,its getting deeper day by day..dears always ask me,when i will have girlfriend..dears,i want you to be mine..i dont want to find others..
Why i can be patient with you? dears wanna know right?
I'll tell,
Before i met dears,i didnt realised what love is..i was playing with others a heartless person..i dont care about others feelings..i get angry very fast,if i get angry i dont think twice..i just let it out..i dont care about others,but till one day..i met dears,then only i know how to be patient,i know how to treat a girl nicely..i know what love is..dears can say im not sincere but i just want dears to know that i love dears,
i will still wait,i wish i can know the result now..i just wanna be with dears..i know there are rumors about me..i know..i dont wanna get angry because of it,if they wanna spread it,go ahead..but please dont make me mad..thats it...will you be mine dears?haha!

Recently,my fucking phone spoiled already..thanks to who? jasmine! thanks jasmine,i really appreciate it! is ur bloody afiq important? battery,then just dun text la..haiiyooo......fucking forget about it la...because of you,i cant spend much time with dears...because of you la..thanks to u! sorry dears because cant spend time with you,im sorry..
i wish i can talk to you now,i wish i can see you now because im missing you my dear!!!!! fucking miss you!!!! fucking wanna see you!!!!!!!!!!
but i cant talk to you,cant spend time with you...hmmps.
but that day,i fetch dears was raining heavily..haha!..why dears feel afraid?..ibu wont eat you want la..haha! need to feel here...loveyou dears!

Here's something,
It's a song named quando,quando, michael buble featuring nelly furtado,

Tell me when will you be mine,
tell me quando,quando,quando,
We can share a love devine,
please dont make me wait again,
When will you say yes to me,
tell me quando,quando,quando,
You mean happiness to me,
oh my love please tell me when,
Every moments a day,
everyday seems a lifetime,
Let me show you the way,
To a joy beyond compare,
I cant wait a moment more,
tell me quando,quando,quando,
Say its me that you adore,
And then darling tell me when,

dears,drink water weather outside there..must drink..if nto later u get sick...
im missing you !
loveyou hun!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cant Describe It,

I really dont know how to say,
I can't fucking describe how i feel right now,
Unhappy? Happy?
Angry? Sad?
Which one?! Grrrrrrrrr!!
It's in my head,i just don't know how to express it.
What the fuck is wrong?! Why i'm like this? Is it because im tired,not enough sleep?
Or there's someting's bothering me,
Let's forget about it,

Recently,i get angry easily..why is it? i seriously dont understand,no matter where i go..i'll definitely pick a fight..just to release this stress,to forget about all the problems i'm facing..
But there's one thing that really get on my nerves,oh boyy,dears only know what's this problem is..i feel like breaking that persons face,break his bone,tear his ribs apart..i wish i can do everything on that person..
Dont let me get mad,i'm giving that person a warning!
dont ever make a mistakes,dont do something that i fucking dont like!
i'm worried bout dears,weather is so hot out there..worried that dears will get sick..
that's why i always call dears to drink water,dears still want stubborn? wan me bite you isit dears?
dears must drink water,drink alot of water..i dont want dears to get sick..
But let me just fucking let this feeling out,
Please dont fucking disturb dears! You still wanna stubborn is it? dont let me see you or you'll get it from me,if you think you want to see what kind of person i can be,go on with this activity...what activity?..disturb dears again and see,i wanna see what you're capable of,
One last warning! Dont disturb dears!

Dears,must always drink water is hot outside there..i dont want you to get sick,
if not,i bite you.
miss ya,
love ya babes!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Tired of what?!
Tired of basketball training,keep on training..can die keep on doing this..
Everyday train shooting,lay-ups,dribbling,free throw,3 point throw,
If didnt get the ball to enter the ring,push ups or suicide..goshh,it's exhausting..mentally exhausted!
But the first day of training,i forgot to cut my nails..then scratched the captain's face,500 push ups?!..are you crazy? out of your mind?..haha...but luckily i managed to do it..haha!
Goshh,i'm mentally exhausted!
Even though i'm mentally exhausted,but i still think of dears,care bout dears..whether she got drink water or not..
Still can text dears,haha!

But there's one thing,
What is it?
Why is it?
Who is it related to?
Wanna know more?
No no no,haha!
Let me n dears know is enough...haha!

Later tonight continue,
exhausted exhausted!